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Hy-Performance Fluid Power has successfully manufactured and supplied hydraulic and drive products to the Australian mining industry since 1994. We are a ISO9001:2008 certified company based near Brisbane.  Our products have been improved and tested over time, and our customer’s value that they can continually purchase products that make a bottom line difference to their mining operations. Suppliers stock and promote our products for their improved efficiency, reliability and extended warranty over OEM products.

We stock one of the largest warehouses of parts exchange blast hole drill components (pumps, motors, gearboxes, rotary heads, valves, kits) anywhere in the world.

Our purpose built drill building facility provides MDG compliant drill rig builds, re-builds and overhauls for the mining sector. We utilise the latest technology and innovation and have our own on site engineers using SolidWorks 3D & CAD 2D Software. Our relationships with sandblasters and painters, electrical contractors are key for good service, and we are situated right on major transport routes. Recent innovations and product improvements include our FOPS certified, lighter weight, ergonomically and safety enhanced drill cabs for operator comfort and safety, and the latest technological innovation in touch operated screens, diagnostics of hydraulic and electronic systems.

Mining customers Australia wide purchase our Hy-Power fail to safe brakes for improved safety and reliability. Our products are designed to make machines and vehicles safer where they must be operated in dangerous conditions. The Hy-Power Brake is a reliable, tested and approved addition to mine vehicles providing safety and peace of mind. With kits available to suit light vehicles for site use, wheel loaders, tool carriers, backhoes, and telehandlers, the Hy-Power Brake is a safety solution that every mine site should have.

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