Oil Cooler Conversion Kit

Presenting our new introduction to HPFP hydraulics range, the HPFP oil Cooler conversion kit. It has a reliable open to atmosphere design that doesn’t allow for cross contamination of hydraulic oil and water extending hydraulic components and rockdrill life.

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Oil Cooler Conversion Kit

With reduced hydraulic pump and valve replacement, properly regulated oil temperatures, open to atmosphere design, and reduced downtime this oil cooler conversion kit makes for a perfect and reliable fit for purpose product.

Key Features 

  • The open to atmosphere design enables the water to leak externally eliminating downtime and increasing service life. The design enables the drill rig to continue operating even after a water leak has been detected.
  • Double Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) are used to combat water contamination in the hydraulic oil circuit, thus preventing cross contamination in the two system. 
  • If a leak was to be identified, the cooler only needs to replaced not expensive components like pumps and valves, the hydraulic oil will not require flushing either.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced hydraulic pump and valve replacement, 
  • Properly regulated oil temperatures
  • Reduced downtime