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Sustainability is not just a catch phrase, our Service exchange program walks the talk

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We offer customers’ outstanding value and peace of mind that we are remanufacturing valuable resources, increasing overall life cycle of major components, effectively reducing waste.

With our long-term experience we understand the limits of how far and how many times we can remanufacture to get the best overall results. This really allows us to provide the best value solution without compromising performance or quality!

Our knowledge of the environment and conditions our customers operate in ensures our components are remanufactured and tested to be ready for the challenge and more at our state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane. We pride ourselves on delivering quality.


Our extensive knowledge and experience with service exchange components have made us the supplier of choice for many of Australia’s leading miners and mining contractors. Continuous improvement and innovation is a way of life for our team and has resulted in a range of product upgrades and enhancements.


Our personalized service is delivered through our passionate team, who are always focused on providing the best value solution for all your hydraulic & drive parts requirements.


We have an extensive range of Service Exchange hydraulic and drive components. Our warehouse is fully stocked and ready to ship 24/7.


Please contact our experienced team for any enquiries.

Included in the Parts exchange offering: